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  • Harp, Oboe, Percussion, Bassoon, Organ, Piccolo, Clarinet
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  • Edition Peters


由温和彼得罗维奇 · 穆索尔斯基。由 Stokowski 编辑。为 [4 (III & 四 = 短笛) 在 Eb.Bass clarinet.3.Contrabassoon- d'Caccia.2.Clarinet],定音鼓,3-4 打击乐,2 竖琴,蔚,器官,字符串。分数。持续时间 29 分钟。发表版彼得斯。

By Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky. Edited by Stokowski. For [4(III & IV=Piccolo).3.Oboe d'Caccia.2.Clarinet in Eb.Bass clarinet.3.Contrabassoon-], Timpani, 3-4 Percussion, 2 Harp, Celeste, Organ, Strings. Score. Duration 29 minutes. Published by Edition Peters.

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