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This is an arrangement of 'Away in a Manger' for piano, grade 2-3. It is good practice for training the top fingers of the left hand to become independent while the fifth finger holds down pedal note. The piece should be played gently, like a lullaby, with the two phrases rising and falling. Try using the sustain pedal a bit for extra smoothness.

No-one is quite sure who wrote the words of 'Away in a Manger', and this has led to some heated arguments between academic types. A few have suggested Martin Luther had something to do with it, but most now reckon he didn't.

To add to the confusion, people living in the UK sing a different tune from the Americans to the much-loved Christmas carol. The version here is the tune used in the UK, and was written by (strangely enough) an American musician called William J. Kirkpatrick.

关于Away in a Manger

《马槽歌》(英语:"Away in a Manger")是英语世界广泛使用的一首聖誕頌歌,曲调轻柔优美。威廉·柯克帕特里克(英语:William_J._Kirkpatrick)作曲,该曲首次出版于19世纪末。前两节的歌词于1884年5月首次刊登在一家波士顿期刊《The Myrtle》上,而第三节歌词在1892年时第一次印刷于《Gabriel's Vineyard Songs》上。
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