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"Away in a Manger" was first published in an 1885 Lutheran Sunday School book by James R. Murray, but the author of the first two stanzas is unknown. The tune of this version is that most commonly used in the United Kingdom. It was written by William J. Kirkpatrick and was first published in 1895.

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《马槽歌》(英语:"Away in a Manger")是英语世界广泛使用的一首聖誕頌歌,曲调轻柔优美。威廉·柯克帕特里克(英语:William_J._Kirkpatrick)作曲,该曲首次出版于19世纪末。前两节的歌词于1884年5月首次刊登在一家波士顿期刊《The Myrtle》上,而第三节歌词在1892年时第一次印刷于《Gabriel's Vineyard Songs》上。
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